What To Know Before Playing Vampyr

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Vampyr is the next action RPG by Life is Strange developers Dontnod Entertainment. Quite a divergence from their previous high school drama mystery, Vampyr is set in the 1918 London. You play as Dr Jonathan Reid, a half-vampire who must contend with the daunting challenge of satiating his primal needs while continuing to perform his job as a doctor. Like its previous narrative game, Vampyr offers several alternate paths to most situations, with dialogue choices playing a key part in how some characters perceive Reid.

There are conversations to have, difficult decisions about how to eat, and tough choices about what skills and powers to unlock with the XP. But so you’re not caught out in the sun here are a few tips to check out before you start playing Vampyr.

Don’t Eat Everyone Straight Away

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Early on in Vampyr, you’ll be presented with a dilemma: go against your Hippocratic oath and “embrace” a mortal victim, or let them go free. The former sustains your vampiric form, netting you a sizable chunk of experience points to spend on power-ups and abilities, whereas the latter lets you keep your morals intact and sets you on the way to an achievement at the end of the game.

The experience boosts that you receive from “embracing” the citizens of London are vital to reaching the upper echelons of Vampyr’s skill tree, so if you’re not prepared to get your hands dirty and blood down your shirt the game is much tougher. Which makes it pretty tempting to chew neck and kill people at random — you’re a vampire, it’s what you’re meant to do.

Just try not to rush into anything as it’s not always clear how important a person is, who they know, or if they’re even really good or bad. The more you talk to the community, the more you’ll learn about other people and their relationships. At best you might kill someone’s friend without realising, and lose any conversation topics and clues they might have given you. At worst you could kill an area’s ‘pillar,’ a pivotal member of the community whose death can have a catastrophic impact.

Do All The Side Quests

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Vampyr keeps reminding you that eating people will make the game easier because of the juicy XP in their blood, but you don’t have to worry too much about it initially. The average mortal will give you at least 1500–3000 XP per neck in one bite, which will probably take you an hour or so to earn in game. But you can also get it by doing missions to get the XP, it’s slower but it’s good because of above point.

A good way to boost this is doing investigations and exploring or talking to people to find more. Later on in the game upgrades can get pricey so you might have to make a few decisions about who to suck down on but don’t worry about doing it straight away.

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